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Luminous Eternal Angels

Athens in the end of July, was very hot. Catherine, a fourty-two year old woman, woke up late. She packed her stuff and checked out of the hotel in a hurry. Moments later, she raised her hand for a taxi. The driver stopped the taxi and got out of the car. The following heart-pounding experience would make this flight totally irrelevant in her mind


Why people read nice inspiring books, go to seminars, follow guides but still, they feel something is missing? Why do we still have unspoken negative feelings from time to time?


The reason is because we never dealt with the cause. We may listen to nice words, self-realization, self-awareness, but without the cause, without true knowledge we will instantly lose focus and forget everything we heard.


Why repeat the same mistakes?


In this first part of the book, the Citizen reveals the "Octopus Phenomenon." A Phenomenon that will shake our beliefs and change rapidly the direction of our lives. And for the first time, you can decode any relationship, any situation, any human being, including yourself........................


Luminous Eternal Angels part one, is a book aiming at lifting the veil between yourself and the true reason of any experience you encounter in real life, by making Philosophy practical even for an early teenager. Self-help that really works!!! Based on a true story...